SoHo Social

I finally made my way to SoHo Social in Homewood, the new place from the people who brought us Mudtown and the Ridge.  I’ve been wanting to try this place ever since I heard they were opening in the SoHo Square, near City Hall. I walked in after 9pm, and the staff was still friendly, gracious, and helpful.

The beer menu is posted on a chalkboard over the bar, offering craft beers from both local and out of state breweries. There is a drink menu with the bottle and cocktails listed.

The food menu offered some unique twists on Southern favorites. For an appetizer (at our server’s suggestion) we got the egg rolls. Conecuh sausage, pimento cheese, and greens were rolled and fried into an egg roll and served with a sweet dipping sauce. Our server encouraged us to try it with the Super Turnip Green hot sauce and I would definitely recommend you do the same.

Our server pointed out some of the best and most popular items on the menu: the SoHo burger, the Southern King, the Bankhead Chicken, and the Cold Turkey Quitter. We went with the SoHo Burger (short rib blend patty with white cheddar, buttercrunch, tomato, onion, Wickles, and smoked mayo on a brioche roll) and the Southern King (fried chicken with jalapeno bacon, three cheese pimento, green tomato jam, and smoke mayo on a brioche roll). For sides we went with the Truffle Tots and Maple Bacon Brussels. Both sandwiches were delicious and flavorful. I would highly recommend the Brussels as the maple added a touch of sweetness and the bacon a touch of savory.

Stop in for a drink and a bite to eat soon!


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